The ballad of the rocks

What connects a prisoner in Peterhead with a quarryman in North Wales?

How did Ron Egyptian get his nickname?

We know all about the Holy Grail, but what about the Knight’s other (and some may say even more difficult) quest?

Following the successful publication of his story-in-verse ‘A Fishy Tail’ in 2010, Dave has brought together a number of his other writings.

Whether telling the tales of the Ballad of the Rocks, the Other Quest, evoking memories of childhood or creating nonsense verse, Dave shows how he loves words.

Ballad of the Rocks contains 18 pieces of rhyming writing:

  • Bufo bufo
  • A creeping madness
  • The Other Quest, Part the First
  • Grandma’s room
  • Ron Egyptian
  • Barrows and harrows
  • Ballad of the rocks
  • A Christmas Cheer
  • There was a bloke
  • The Other Quest, Part the Second
  • The Collectist
  • Wind
  • Theolonius Monkfish Wingnut
  • Doe
  • The Haystack Inspector
  • Time
  • Balcony Song
  • The Other Quest, Part the Fourth

This 80 page paperback  also contains 17 original drawings.

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