Over my career I have written numerous educational documents, programmes and learning materials.I have written and devised many scenarios and complex problem-solving activities which have been utlilised in training, leadership, team-building and  personal-development courses and events.

I have written songs for theatrical productions.

I have always enjoyed language play and have written nonsense poetry for children.

More recently I have had a number of writings published.

Published works

‘A Fishy Tail’

Published in 2010 by 2QT Publishing

(see seperate page for details)

The story (in rhyme), the illustration and the music are all self penned.

Ballad of the Rocks and other writings

Published in 2011 by 2QT Publishing

From a murder/ mystery? to the life of a toad via a malicious Christmas song.

For eternal children everywhere!

19 different rhyming pieces.

17 original drawings.

(see seperate page for details)

Bit out of Time:

(see seperate page for details)

A set of 32 captioned old images.

On sale direct from Dave and in a couple of outlets in North Wales.

Unpublished, but finished projects

  • The Adventures of Wigwig Homer and Humphreston Hall
  • The Six legged chair: novel (unpublished)